Age – 30-50 years.
5% of people are affected with Psoriasis get Psoriatic arthritis.

Cause – Genetic - HLA B27.

Clinical features – Asymmetric oligo- arthritis or polyarthritis affecting some inter- phalangeal joints of fingers or toes. Also sacroiliac joint involments and heel pains are common.

X-Ray – Small and large joint involvement are similar to RA

How to differentiate for Rheumatoid Arthritis :

  1. Asymmetric joint involvement
  2. Distal finger joint involvement
  3. Sacroilities
  4. Absence of Rheumatoid nodules.


  • Control of skin disease
  • Pain killers
  • Low dose immuno suppressors
  • Splintage to avoid deformities
  • Surgery over the joints – Joint replacement
  • Joint fusion
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