Dr. Ameya VelingkerDR. Ameya VELINGKER, a meritorious student throughout his academic career, is one of the youngest joint replacement surgeons in the country, having begun from the age of 27.

He is attached as a senior consultant in Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement associated with Apollo Group of Hospitals since five years. He also has his Centre of Excellency ‘Bone & Joint Care’, near Chowgule College, Margao. He is also actively practicing Joint Replacements in Panaji.

A Fellow in Joint Replacement from (DePuy) Johnson & Johnson and a Clinical Fellow in Minimal Invasive Surgery in Joint Replacement under Navigation from ‘The Knee & Sports Medicine Centre,’ Brisbane, Australia, Dr Velingker has been blessed with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the world renowned joint replacement surgeon Dr. Chitranjan Ranavat from ROC, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York (US).

Dr. Ameya Velingker has not only been a brilliant student all along, but is also a merit holder from the Goa Medical College. Having performed more than 200 joint replacements in a span of four years, he has pioneered the surface replacement (ASR), the full flexion knee (RPF), the large diameter hip replacement (LDH) and the one-stage bilateral knee replacement in Goa.

As a Vice-President of the Goa Body Building Association, he has inspired the youth & also been a guide to the old with regards to ‘the need to preserve good health & prevent unnecessary decay of a healthy body’. He has conducted several CMEs (Continued Medical Education) on various aspects of health & wellness, bone and joint care, all over the state. He has been invited to attend several prestigious & important conferences all over the country and overseas. He also had several press conferences and TV interviews talking about his techno-savvy expertise & success in surgery, regularly.

A true son of the soil, he takes pride in catering to the needs of his country-men irrespective of cast or creed, rich or poor. Money, has never been his primary concern,instead he works with the noble motive of quality service to his fellow folks. Opening a new door with special concern to Senior Citizens he mandates that ‘that Joint Replacement is not only for the affluent but can also be availed by the common people at an affordable price’.


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