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"After endless, pointless and expensive tests and diagnostics, I had just about reached the end of my tether and was no closer to resolving my joint issues. I have a lovely list of highly paid and respected specialists, who all agreed I had a serious problem, yet did not see why surgery should be an option, as they had no idea " why " i was having so much pain and, sometimes, completely losing my knee. My feet became more problematic and I was fast becoming the local pharamacists' dream customer."

" One day, after yet another bone scan and an unsatisfactory appointment with my orthopod, I sat in my car, crying and screaming. I was done. Immediately, a friend and I began researching Apollo Hospital and it seemed to be a good " fit. " Particularly since the response was almost immediate and positive. I gathered as many medical records as I could carry and headed to Margao, India.

From the first moment, it was all so seamless and simple. A few diagnostics, which did not, by the way, cost a fortune and landed back on your desk in no time at all. I was shown the film and your diagnosis. It was sound and for the first time in a long time, I felt that I was in the best possible place, in the best possible hands. Surgery was quickly scheduled, without the usual muss and fuss.

After the smoke cleared from surgery and I was more myself, my usual teeth clenching, unrelenting pain was gone. With little time to sit on my butt, therapy began and the progression was amazing. With seamless care and dedication, everyone at VAH helped me to help myself. I am now and always will be grateful to you, Dr. Ameya and to the staff at Apollo Hospital, Goa, India. The quiet professionalism and dedication to quality care has made a difference in my life. I may have hobbled in, literally and figuratively, on my last leg - but, I was released on two good legs. Thank you, more than you know. Again, I am so grateful to you, you did more than a joint replacement - you have changed my life. That's not hyperbole, its fact."

Deborah King - Eichholz

"You will recall that I came to see you on 29th October 2009 after reading an entry in the newspapers about MIS “Minimal Invasive knee replacement”, Surgery carried out by you and after I discussed I made a spot decision to have the surgery done on both knees at the same time, A DECISION I HAVE NOT REGRETTED."

"As you told me that a bilateral knee replacement on an 85 years old is not normally done but acceding to my request and as my parameters during the ops were normal you took the plunge. THANK YOU. The fact that I was able to walk the second day after surgery speaks volumes about your competence and that of your team. Please convey my regards to your entire team. I have full confidence that I will make full use of my legs in future."

Vice Admiral , M.R. Schunker, PVSM, AVSM
Indian Navy (Retd)

"I am pleased to inform you that my mother is walking now after your knee joint operation. She had a bed ridden life & was feeling is she is a burden on us.."

"..but now she feels good & wants to live. I thank you & the staff of Apollo Hospitals who gave us good service & help. Although your hospital is a bit expensive but with the service & care of doctors, nurses, helper boys, cleaning staff is all worth it. My personal thanks to you doctor.
For Royal Kajuwala"

Ashok G Hirani

"Thank you very much for the kind courtesy and the treatment given to me and my wife Mrs. Usha. K . Kulkarnni indeed it was a great pleasure to see a doctor of your nature who is working hard day and night for the welfare of the humanity with a smiling face."

"I take this opportunity in thanking you & once again pray to almighty, may this event give you the realization of all your fondest dreams………….., health……………., happiness…………..& prosperity."

Kiransai. V. Kulkarnni (Director - Fiemench Perfumes (I) Private limited.),

"It is now I8 months since I first met you at the Apollo clinic in Panjim. I remember very clearly the severe pain I was in and my husband having to help me up the stairs to the clinic."

"You may recall I had experienced problems with my knee in England. I had had an arthroscopy in August 2007 and was told I was fit and well to come to Goa in November for the winter. Unfortunately the pain in my knee increased rather than decreased and one day in early January 2008 my knee literally collapsed when I tried to leave my sun bed to go into the sea.

However you did not know that prior to my consultation with you I had seen three other orthopaedic consultants in Goa. Each consultant had a different opinion of what should be done about my knee but each one told me what they would do to me without involving me in the decision making process or explaining the pros and cons of the procedure they proposed to undertake.
Hence before my appointment with you we were not very hopeful that I would get my knee sorted out in Goa. How wrong we were!
I have a fear of hospitals and anything to do with them. Yet you skilfully explained the condition of my knee and the various options available to me - in very simple language but without being condescending. You empathised with my fear but moved me to a position where I was in control of what would happen to my knee and the type of surgery which would suit my condition. At no point did you rush me. My husband and I were able to ask you numerous questions and your detailed answers and explanations enabled me to have a very good understanding of the various types of surgery available to me.

It became obvious to me that I needed a knee replacement. Unbelievably, even now, you convinced me that I should have this done with an epidural anaesthetic. Before your explanation of the advantages of an epidural anaesthetic I had thought that people who had joints replaced with this type of anaesthesia also needed a brain transplant!

We were very impressed that you gave us thinking time. You suggested that we should consider the various options you had put forward and then if I wanted to proceed we could arrange a consultation in a few days time. You gave me your card and said I could contact you at anytime if I had even a very basic question I needed answering. Two days later we met again and made the arrangements for me to have a gender knee replacement with an epidural anaesthetic. It would be unrealistic to say that I was not nervous on the day of surgery but your calm presence when you saw me just prior to the operation settled my nerves. Indeed I found your updates during surgery most reassuring and yet again you were keeping me informed. Before I knew it I was back in my room with a new knee. Since post operative pain control was given epidurally I had very little pain. Plus the added bonus of an epidural anaesthetic meant that I did not have the dreadful sickness I have whenever I have had a general anaesthetic.

I was stunned and so too was my husband, when twenty two hours after surgery you asked me to walk across my room. Amazingly, with you beside me, I was able to do so and for the first time for a long time I was free from pain. I appreciated your visits, some times twice a day, over the next four days. At each visit, as well as monitoring my progress you gave me challenging physiotherapy exercises and walking targets. I worked very hard to complete the exercises and achieve the walking targets. Even in hospital I never needed to use a walking frame or a walking stick nor did I need to do so when you discharged me from hospital on the fifth day.

I spent the next ten days relaxing beside the hotel pool. But even here you monitored my progress this time by telephone. Other guests at the hotel were astonished at this level of post-operative care and amazed at my rapid progress. Fifteen days after surgery I visited the Panjim clinic for you to remove my staples. My skin had healed extremely well and all I had to show for my surgery was a narrow scar. This scar has faded over time.

By now you must be wandering why I have written this detailed letter to you eighteen months after surgery. Well initially to say how grateful I am for the excellent care you gave me, to say how much I appreciated you brilliant surgical skills and also to thank you for enabling me to live life to the full again. Your dictum says “motion is life”. Prior to surgery my movement was so restricted I did not have a life. Now I am back to normal enjoying playing with my grandchildren, swimming a mile at least three times a week and travelling the world as often as I can.

However I did think that you might wish to share this letter with some of your prospective joint replacement patients. It might just help an apprehensive patient to read about my successful surgical experience in your very safe hands. Added to which we will be in Goa from early January - early April 2010 so I would be happy to meet your prospective joint replacement patients during this time or they could contact me by email- before the end of December 2009.

In conclusion I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding communication skills, your brilliant surgical skills and your impressive patient care. Without doubt, in the course of time, should I need my other knee to be replaced I would return to Goa for you to provide me with your service “par excellence”."

Mrs Jennifer Tattersall, Peterborough, England

"It is now nine months since the Total Hip Replacement operation which you carried out for me in February at the Apollo Hospital in Goa. The results have been literally life-changing."

"Before the operation any walking caused me great pain and I avoided walking whenever possible. I now have been pain free for many months. After recovery from the operation I have been walking completely normally, have been climbing in the hills of Switzerland and walking on the beaches of Goa, and can walk for many miles in complete comfort, pain free. The new hip feels totally normal with no unwanted side-effects.

Thank you for your really excellent skill in allowing me to lead a normal life again. I am happy to recommend you completely to anyone in need of hip replacement. With best regards, Nick Gregory"

Nick Gregory

"My hip replacement has been an amazing success. I am completely free of pain and for the first time in about 4 years am able to lead a normal life. I even played golf within 6 months and have been able to return to work such was the success."

"It is nearly 12 months now since the operation and I have suffered no reactions at all .My own doctor in the UK was impressed with the surgery carried out by Dr Velingker. I cannot praise Dr Ameya Velingker enough for not only was the operation carried out at short notice but the care and attention to detail he displayed was of the highest order. This very professional and caring approach was evident throughout the pre and post operation phases and nothing was too much trouble .The cost was very cheap compared to European prices but that didn't mean anything was not of the highest quality. Dr Velingker organized everything all I had to do was turn up. It is a daunting thought to undertake surgery in another country but such was his professionalism and caring manner that I was at ease throughout the procedure.

Again I cannot speak too highly of Dr. Ameya Velingker and the work he is doing. I was recommend by a friend who also had a very successful hip replacement and I would recommend him without question to anyone needing any medical procedure.
Best wishes for the future. I am very grateful. "

Mrs. Barbara Beddowes UK

"I wish to say how impressed I was with the expertise & empathetic standard of care used by Dr Ameya Velingker. I arrived at the  casualty on 3rd November,2006 & after the test & X-ray ordered by Dr Velingker, I was diagnosed I was having intra-articular depressed fracture of left calcalium with severe osteopurosis. Dr Ameya was quick to setting my mind at rest about the operation he would perform that afternoon. As a state registered nurse, I was pleased that he explained every step he was going to take."

"During the operation he performed a close reduction with percutaneous steinmein pins. I was sufficiently confident of his expertise to be able, under spinal anesthesia, to watch the procedure on the comp screen. 

I was discharged after three days of constant care. I look forward to my written appointment with Dr Velingker under whose experience & comforting care, I remain until my return to England. Thank you very much doctor.

Mrs Eileen Nicholl, BA.LRAM.SRM
Author of 55 books published by Harlequin, Mills & Boons
Ireland, England.

"I am 47 yrs old male who has been living the life of an old man due to undiagnosed problems in the United Kingdom. I have been having complicated problems for the past 15 yrs & undergone several surgeries on both my hips & ankles."

"The consultant gave me reasons for these problems as post injuries. In addition to that I was having considerable pain in the ankles & my back & I was told that I was suffering from osteoartharities, at which stage I was sent for blood test, which revealed that I had hereditary haemochromatosis.

This brings us to the present day when we contacted Dr Ameya Velingker by internet because we were not happy with the waiting time of two years given by the consultant in the UK. You invited me to come for a MRI scan, which I duly attended. The results showed that I required a spinal fusion. The operation has now been completed & within two days I was up and walking around. It is now nine days later & I am walking without much pain.

This has far exceeded my expectation, In fact it seems like a miracle."

Michael John Richardson, United Kingdom

"At the end of four weeks intensive contact with you, an ideal situation for a patient & his wife, we will thank you for all your cleverness & top orthopedic surgery. From the first day you gave me the trust in myself, so I dared to use my left leg."

"The photo short films you made for me during my exercises were the result of the confidence you gave me.  We, thank you deeply for that. I cant say that I will stay but when we return to India, you will see us."

Willemien & Jacobus
United States of America


I wish to express my gratitude with regards to the prompt & efficient treatment I received from you after my recent accident. I was delighted to receive the care u gave me during & after surgery. 

Mrs. Doreen Steele, Fife Scotland, UK. 

" I miss India so much and I want to go back! I visited a Russian doctor 12 Feb, cause there was the month since I had an operation. He saw x-ray, and he was wondering so much as well! "

"The doctor told I'm so lucky cause the operation was made pretty good and precisely. I was so proud of you and of India in general. He even told he doubts whether some doctor could do the same in Russia. It was a pleasure to hear it.

Because of my experience & your service, doctor, I fell in love with this country. India became a place I want to be at over and over again. "

From Maria,St Petersburg,Russia

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