Bone & Joint care for the Goans
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Hip Arthritis: Primary arthritis of hip is less common in India.
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BACK PAIN: Back pain is the commonest orthopaedic problem seen in practice. It has many reasons
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Knee Arthritis: Five simple ways to help yourself!
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Neck Pain: Exercises to get rid off neck pain
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The NEW upgraded website is of added benefit to all patients visiting Dr. Ameya Velingker for problems pertaining to Joint Replacements.

A special section, PATIENTS EXPERIENCES with their contact details, for correspondence, has been upgraded, which quotes letters of patient’s experiences with Dr Ameya Velingker in joint replacement, with the intention of making people comfortable from the myths of joint replacement.

The website however also maintains the intention of making common people aware of the basics of orthopaedic problems & the need for care of bones & joints & the line of management best suited for them.

The contents of the website are designed in simple language for the understanding of any common man ignorant of medical terminology & complicated concepts, (not meant for the medical professionals).

The website will be constantly upgraded & updated with the identification of new problems & remedies that emerge in the human body & in the society. The management of all the problems will also change as new solutions and treatments emerge.

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