KNEE ARTHRITIS: Five simple ways to help yourself!

  • Reduce your weight
  • Do regular knee exercise
  • Avoid knee loading position (squatting/sitting crossed-legged)
  • Avoid impact activities (jogging, step aerobics after the age of 40 years)
  • Consult your doctor when the knee pain is present for more than 3-4 days. (Instead of trying self treatment)
1. Put a roll of towel below the knees and press downwards and hold for 5 seconds, repeat 20 times.

2. In sleeping position keep the knee straight and lift the lift the straight leg up. Repeat 20 times (both sides) as shown in the diagram.

3. sleep in the stomach and bend the knee backwards in 90 degrees. Afterwards lower the leg in straight position without touching the floor and repeat the process.

4. Sit on a chair and straighten both the legs together. Repeat teh exercise for 20 - 50 times.


5. Sit on stationary cycle and cycle for 10 mins. Keep tension pedals zero (so as to allow free and easy pedal movement.)


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