Joint Replacement
Joint Replacement is one surgery patient should buy and surgeon should never sell it.
Most commonly asked questions to me in Joint Replacement!!!!!

• How successful are joint replacement?
Joint replacement is one of the most successful organ replacement surgeries in medical sciences.
A well done joint replacement can comfort the patient with good range of joint motion with greater comfort and ease. Once the operation has fully healed many patients are unable to spot the artificial joint. Most of the patients operated on only one side, within a month refer to put most of the weight on the operated leg. You should be able to do all normal activities , which even includes kneeling, praying, gardening, playing golf and even squatting, within few months of surgery. The longevity and hence the success of the joint depends largely on surgeon’s skills, the ability to place implant accurately and to restore the ligament balance. Infection control and proper asepsis should be the highest order as infection in joint replacement is catastrophic. The surgery demands highest sophistication skills, training and experience and the know-about of latest advances in the replacement fields.

• How long will the joint last?
With the newer introductions of better metallurgy, today’s joints can last even 20 years.

• Can a diabetic or hypertensive patient undergo Joint replacement?
Yes, as this surgery is done in patients preferably above 60, most of the patients do have one of these ailments.

• How long is the surgery?
It takes around 2 hrs.

• How soon can I walk after surgery?
Next day of surgery you can walk bearing your full weight

• When will I be discharged from the hospital?
3-4 days after the surgery.

Joint Replacement Patient• Is it a good idea to postpone joint replacement as much as possible?
Joint replacement in the last resort for arthritis. Physical therapy, weight loss, Glucosamine, anti-inflammatory mediciation, Visco supplements, cortisone injection arthroscopic joint lavage, knee osteomies, walking stick should be tried in step-up order, for pain relief and good quality of life. Joint replacement should however not be postponed infinitely till patient becomes sedentary just due to bad joints. Housebound patient will gain weight, lose cardiovascular fitness and develop multiple medical problems like DVT, etc which is life-threatening later and when surgery will become even more difficult.

The thumb rule says “if a patient can do all regular physical activities and knee exercises, with minimal pain, joint Replacement can be postponed’. Studies have shown that patient who are healthier while undergoing joint replacement surgery tends to have better results after surgery.

• I have pain while jogging, should I do joint replacement?
Joint Replacement Patient No, joint replacement should never be done when pain is present only on high impact sports like basketball, jogging, running. People should try to involve in low impact activities, avoid squatting, sitting cross-legged and excessive climbing of staircases.


What is joint Replacement?
Joint replacement is basically resurfacing of the worn-out bone-ends which are normally covered by cartilage.

Reasons for Joint Replacement:
• Pain relief
• Deformity correction
• Range of Motions
• Stability

Knee OsteoarthritisPain relief:
Pain in arthritis is because of the lose of cartilage over the bone-ends. Due to resurfacing of the bone-ends, with artificial metals, the friction in a joint is now between this metals, which are once again pain non-sensitive.
A quick pain relief becomes the most important deciding factor in going for a joint replacement.

Pain, which avoids the patient from participating in social events; makes life house ridden; forces a patient consumes painkillers at a high dose everyday, will definitely convince a patient to go for replacement surgery if he gets a relief. With better implants in market, superior surgeon’s skills, a increasing demands towards faster pace of life.

Replacement surgery can be advised even earlier in life instead of struggling, with painkillers, walking sticks, and the risks of falling down while walking.
There are various scales to measure this pain namely – the knee society score.

Any deformity of the lower limbs, changes the gait pattern, makes walking difficult increased energy consumption, needs external aid for walking, changes the mechanical axis, increases the chances of falling while walking. Joint Replacement can correct this mechanical aligmnet and other problems associated with it.

Range of Motion:
Arthritis causes limitation of motion of the joint, which causes lot of
inconvenience in our day-to-day life, sitting in public transports, toilets activities and at the job.
With increasing demand of range of motions in todays world, with better designed and metallurgy high flex joints in market, Joint Replacement can significantly increase the ROM(Range of Motion).

For proper walking, running, up & down the staircases, stability of a joint becomes very important
With increasing sports injury, high velocity accidents, sprain, joint instability has increased.
With improved constrained designs in joint design, ligament instability can be well connected by joint replacement.

• Infection
• Inadequate soft tissue cover
• Muscle atrophy

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