April 2010 : 1st joint replacement centre in the state of goa at Apollo Victor Hospital
Joint replacementDr. Ameya Velingker, eminent Joint Replacement Surgeon, in association with the Apollo Victor Hospital, for the first time in Goa has launched the one and only JOINT REPLACEMENT Centre, in April 2010.

Unlike any other surgery, Dr. Ameyaa believes that for optimum results team work is needed - Excellent surgical technique, highest standards of sterility, good anesthetic back-up & dedicated physiotherapists. The Joint replacement surgeries done by Dr. Ameyaa till now have given many Goans and patient overseas high standards of functional mobility and pain relief.

The 1st JOINT REPLACEMENT Centre, by Dr. Ameyaa Velingker, at Apollo Victor Hospital, today does mark the highest standards of sterility in an operating room. Infection is the major drawback of joint replacement surgery. A high quality of Laminar Airflow with the Space-suit along with the strict aseptic conditions in the operating room almost eliminates the noxious complication of this surgery.

2010 : The Space Age! - The first surgical space suit in Goa
Space Suit

The introduction of the PROVISION ZERO G surgical space suit for the first time in Goa by Dr. Ameya Velingker reduces the risk of infection in Joint replacement surgeries. The space suits bars the surgeons and his teams contact from the OT environment and as a result almost eliminates the chance of infection. The space suit covers the surgeon from head to toes.

The surgeon can visually operate by a glass screen fitted to the space-suit. With a high quality laminar airflow, air purifying system which purifies the OT air in many cycles in a minute and the space-suit, the joint replacement centre achieves the highest international standards in infection control.

March 2010 : Revision Course in Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery, Hamburg
Hamburg 2010Hamburg 2010
Hamburg 2010Hamburg 2010
Hamburg 2010Hamburg 2010
The Revision Course in Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery was held at the European Surgical Institute at Hamburg Germany in March 2010. Delegates from all over the world had gathered to share their experiences and problems in revision scenario in hip & knee replacement surgeries. Dr.Ameya Velingker along with 3 other colleagues from India had been invited to share their cases in this forum.
2009 : 1st Bilateral single stage knee replacement in Goa
Dr. Ameya Velingker achieved yet another signpost in knee replacement in 2009 by his record breaking time of mobilization, not just the first in India, but in the world. A Retired Admiral M.R Schunker, 85 year old, underwent both knees replacement surgery, in one stage, and could walk in less than 12 hours after knee replacement even at that age.

Dr Ameya Velingker stressed that bilateral knee replacement is now preferred by many patients overseas especially in developed countries like US and UK. Dr Velingker expressed that such a surgery has many advantages; lesser number of days in hospital, lesser antibiotics, reduces drug overload on body, significantly reduces the expenses of surgery, early mobilization, easier physiotherapy, and thus back to life earlier.

However such a bilateral approach needs a good infrastructure, an excellent back up team of physicians, anaesthetist to take care of medical problems arising from such long surgical hours especially the stress on the heart. Such a surgery can be done only under a laminar airflow (air purifying system) Space suit as it significantly reduces the chances of infection. In short, good patient selections and superior surgical expertise in the right environment are necessary for both knee replacements at a time.

2009 : 1st Minimal Invasive knee replacement (MIS) surgery in Goa
MIS - Quad sparing approachThe traditional knee replacement consisted of cutting the quadriceps (quads) muscle tendon, with lot of tissue dissection and hence is traumatic, resulting in a longer and more painful rehab protocol. The replacement surgery was hence becoming lesser popular amongst patients due to the painful and prolonged experience. Quads sparing surgery, also now known as MIS (Minimal invasive Surgery) has been the latest in the knee and hip replacements. Dr. Ameya Velingker pioneered this approach for the first time in Goa in 2009.

Dr. Ameya Velingker achieved yet another milestone in knee replacement by making his patient walk in two hours of surgery. The record breaking time is not just first in India, but in the world. The patient who did walk in just two hrs was an employee of CISF, who had undergone knee replacement in the past at Delhi and could walk after 5 days of knee replacement. Mr.Tulsi Singh, the beneficiary of this new technique was astonished to walk within two hours of the surgery and gave a live video narration of the same to the media, which is published on youtube. He was surprised and happy that such a job was done in Goa, a pride for every Goan!

Mr. Tulsi Singh, an employee of CISF, could walk with 2 hrs of knee replacement

Mr. Tulsi has narrated his difference in experience in the two knees

Mrs. Mohini Palyekar an advanced rheumatoid patient hailing from Mapusa, who had not walking normal for more than 10 years due to the rheumatoid deformity of both her knee, could stand and walk pain free within 3 hours of the completion of the surgery.

Fastest Mobilized knee replacement surgery, in the world

An exclusive interview of the patient Mrs. Mohini

Mrs Deborah could do a Spanish dance on the third post-operative day; the video of this has received the highest rating on the youtube

Total Knee Replacement Surgery - Mrs.Deborah King

The video also received special appraisals from joint replacement surgeons all over the world for the fastest mobilization to that extent. The live narrations and the walk before and after surgery is also available on youtube.

Dr.Ameya Velingker explained the MIS Knee surgery and said that the quads tendon is the most important tendon which helps us to extend our knee and keep the leg straight, without buckling down in standing position. Till now the tendon had to be sacrificed partly in the knee replacement surgery. This cut was later stitched back. This resulted in lot of pain, in-front of the knee and delay in mobilization. The newer quads sparing approach, which has a steeper learning curve, avoids the cutting of this quadriceps muscle so minimizes the pain. There is extremely minimal dissection of the other soft tissues also. To add to this an analgesic cocktail was also used during the surgery for an extended post operative analgesia. This helps faster rehabilitation and lesser pain after surgery. All this together has now made the post-operative period extremely comfortable and will definitely increase the patient’s compliance to replacement surgery. Many patients with advance osteo-arthritis will now dare to come ahead to undergo this procedure with better ease in the post-ope life.

2009 : 1st AMS international meet on osteoporosis at J W Marriott, Hong-Kong
Hong Kong The 1st AMS international meet on Osteoporosis at J W Marriott Hong-Kong. Dr.Ameya Velingker was privileged to present the western India statistics in osteoporosis and approach to this epidemic problem.
2009: A FOrmal meet / Hip replacement course with prof.michael wagner, designer of hip prosthesis
Wagner At the revision course in Hip Replacement with the designer of hip prosthesis Prof. Michael Wagner.
2008 : 1st Gender knee replacement in Goa
Dr Ameya Velingker, laid another historic milestone in the field of joint replacement, and this time for women by performing the first ever Gender Prolong knee surgery in Goa.

Understanding that Men are from Mars & Women from Venus, the need for a different knee for women came into existence & hence resulted in the evolution of a Gender knee, a knee specially designed for the smaller statured Indian ladies. The gender knee differs from the traditional as it is a sleeker model, which gives more room for better range of movement, making full flexion possible even in thin built ladies, for whom full flexion after joint replacement was quite painful and hence not practical till date. The pioneering patient of Dr Velingker, Mrs Jennifer Tattarall, a UK national, in the immediate post-operative period has been extremely comfortable even in full flexion, immediate post-op period and would opt for the same in her other knee as need arises.

Jennifer Tattersall, England, underwent the Gender knee replacement

Post Gender knee replacement patient sitting comfortably on the floor. No pain.
2008 : Goa's first and the only patients forum formed in 2008, for all joint replacement patients
1st patients forum The 1st patients forum was established by Dr. Ameya Velingker in 2008 of all his patients who underwent knee and hip replacement at the Bone & Joint Care centre. A unique press conference for the 1st time was held with the forum to talk about the long term results of joint replacements done by Dr. Ameya Velingker over the past four years before 2008, in the patient’s own words to the press reporters.

A press conference where patients of different socio-economic status, different races from different parts of the world. The conference included describing the long term results of knee or hip replacements, the comfort of the joint to the patient which are all surgical techniques. These dominated the conference and not other facts.

Mrs. J T, a lady from U.K, underwent the Gender knee replacement. In 2007 she visited Apollo Hospital with a painful limp on the left side. A day after surgery Mrs. J T was back on her feet. Today for the past 1 year she is back to normal, she goes for her walks, swimming, cycling and all normal routine activities she wants to perform. Till date she has absolutely no complains with her left knee and has come down to Goa for thanks giving. She has referred many more patients to
Dr. Velingker back in UK and would boldly recommend him to many. Her husband Mr. R T also was operated for the hip replacement and doing fine.

Mrs. L H again from UK visited Goa 2 years ago with a painful hip. She underwent a Ceramic Total Hip replacement and could walk 2 days after surgery with a walking stick 15 days down the line. Mrs. L H was back in the swimming pool and playing with her grand children as before. Extremely happy with the results she recommended Dr. Velingker to her dear friends Mrs. BB back in UK who also underwent a Ceramic hip replacement with Dr. Velingker. Today Mrs. B is in UK and doing all her required activities including cycling and swimming.

Mr. B, a chief chef at Leela Hotels in Goa, was another person, difficult to identify which hip is replaced. A very active dynamic person at his work place. Mr. B has undergone a total hip replacement 3 years back. His colleagues find the same splint extension and flexibility in Mr. B.

1st patients forum Capt. M, another example with a hip problem with short leg over many years also underwent a total hip replacement 2 years back. His hip problem is no more a problem and his short leg was also corrected back to normal. Capt performs all his daily activities which he needs to perform.

Mr. L, a press personal with a living for many many years underwent the metal on metal hip replacement 3 years down the line and did forget even the living. He is just normal person with no restriction to his dynamic carrier.

Ms. M P, a financial constrained girl, suffering from SLE had to undergo both hip replacements and today has a near normal walk with both her legs.

Major K with a major fracture of the right hip was operated for the hip replacement and could walk normal in 15 days time.

Mrs. L K, 92 years (Dr.Ameya Velingker's oldest patient) also underwent a hip replacement and till date (Now 95 years) she is doing fine.

Mr. G Murali from Calcutta, suffering from anklylosing spondylities with both his knees fused. Both his knees and hip were replaced. A person walking like a log, difficult to get out of bed, today after years of suffering is having a normal life. He couldn’t be present at the occasion as he is from afar but had sent a letter of appreciation.

Another rheumatoid lady from Goa, with destroyed hip and knee who underwent the replacement with both hip and knee 4 years is comfortably doing all her routine activities.

Another lady from Goa, who underwent a knee replacement with Indian knee, is also doing fine over the past 1 year and wants a similar knee on her next leg too. This lady also does all activity of daily life.

Another young girl with only one knee joint involvement with rheumatoid arthritis underwent total knee replacement using the rotating platform full flexion knee 3 years ago and today she does all activities of daily living including squatting, using Indian toilets, sitting cross legged for religious activity, kneeling etc.

25th march 2007 : Inaugural ceremony & the birth of Boneandjointcare, Goa
Bone & Joint Care InaugurationBone & Joint Care Inauguration
Bone & Joint Care InaugurationBone & Joint Care Inauguration
Bone & Joint Care Inauguration
On the 25th march 2007, CM of Goa, Shri. Digamber Kamat inaugurated Bone & Joint care. Along with him many prominent dignitaries, businessmen from Margao, social leaders etc had blessed the occasion. The inaugural ceremony also witnessed the launch of the first and unique patient centered web-site by Dr. Ameya Velingker. The Chief Minister was pleased browsing this website at the occasion.
november 2006 : 1st large diameter hip replacement in goa
first large diameter hip replacement For the 1st time in Goa, the first large diameter hip replacement was done by Dr.Ameya Velingker at Apollo Hospitals, Goa. A notion towards ‘Motion is life’! The patient can do absolutely a full range of hip movements just like before, including squatting, sitting cross-legged on floor and wide abduction. The surgery was performed on a top executive from Goa.

Being a metal-on-metal articulation, the patient can do activities including high jump, long jump and even the extremes of gymnastics, as there is no fear of breakage even in the event of a high velocity accident. Secondly being a large head, the changes of dislocation are extremely rare. No cement or fixation devices are used and it works only on press-fit. Thus no chances of any loosening due to failure of fixation devices. The improved metallurgy and mechanics the survivility of the joint has also gone up many times.

7th July 2006 : 1st full flexion knee replacement in goa
1st full flexion knee surgery 1st full flexion knee surgery
On the 7th July 2006 the first full flexion knee surgery was done in Goa by Dr.Ameya Velingker at Apollo Victor Hospital. This landmark surgery changed the prospect of knee replacement for many. Post operative patients after knee replacement could not squat till this day. The full flexion knee gives the patient the comfort of squatting and living with India cultures. There was an exclusive press conference to highlight this revolutionizing surgical advancement.
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