HIP ARTHRITIS: Primary arthritis of hip is less common in India. Avascular necrosis, Trauma & Accident, Dysplastic hips are common causes of hip pain. Weight reduction, Regular hip and abck exercises, avoiding impact activities and hip loading by squatting / sitting cross legged will help to reduce pain.
1. Side lying abduction: Sleep on one side. Lift the leg with out bending at the knee and keep it still. Then turn on the other side and repeat the process. Repeat 20 times.
2. Trunk Stability - prone straight leg raising: Lie on your stomach and keep a pillow underneath. Lift the leg backwards keeping the knee straight without bending the back. Repeat 20 times.
3. Sideway abdution (standing): Stand straight and lift the leg sideways without bending. Use hands for support and balance.

4. Back extension (standing): stand straight holding some support with two hands. Lift the backwards without bending at knee. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat alternate 20 times.


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