MIS surgery in fracture fixation has become a new concept. Minimal invasive surgery means to avoid any additional trauma to the already traumatized tissues. Plate & screw fixation has been a known concept for years. But this needs opening of the fracture site; increasing the chances of infection, scaring of the tissues and increased stiffness increasing the duration of physio days and also decreasing the final outcome.

MIS surgery in fracture fixation, a new concept made popular by Dr. B.B Joshi, by the introduction of JESS. The concept makes us get the alignment of fracture fragment without opening the fracture site. The external frame put avoids the use of plasters and the resultant stiffness.
As seen in this video, patient could do her day-to day activities on the next day of surgery, as the fracture heals. No incisions, so no scars, so cosmetically much superior. No chance of getting any infection at fracture site, no need of physio, as patient is back in action from the next day. This concept has revolutionist the outlook towards the care of a fracture patient.

Advantages of MIS surgery in fracture fixation:
  • Small incision – hence cosmetically better looking scar. Hence lesser chances of infection.
  • Minimal soft tissue trauma – hence less pain post-operatively, less scarring around the fracture and hence better motions.
  • Faster bone healing as the fracture haematoma is preserved at the fracture site, micromovements at fracture site.

MIS surgery involves different implants namely

1. Illizaro
2. Closed nailing of long bones
3. UMEX (Universal mini external fixator)
4. JESS (Joshi’s external stabilizing system)
5. Biological platting


Case 1:

Elin Johanne Klokkerhaque had sustained a difficult fracture of distal end of radius, which would be a challenge to be fixed with a plate, managing the bag of bones in that area. JESS made this difficult looking fracture easy and patient too could do the daily activities on the next day of surgery as seen in the video.

Case 2:

Mrs. Branda Bancroft from Nottingham UK, another patient we can see in the immediate post-op like to do almost all activities of day to day life, with great ease.

Case 3:

Maclean Barretto, from Goa, sustained a bad frature of distal end radius and was treated with the JESS fixation and could return to near normal activities with a short span of 1 day.

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