Minimal Invasive knee replacement successfully performed on 85-year old!

(Given below is an email of apppreciation from the concerned patient)
Dear Dr. Ameya,

You will recall that I came to see you on 29th October 2009 after reading an entry in the newspapers about MIS “Minimal Invasive knee replacement”, Surgery carried out by you and after I discussed I made a spot decision to have the surgery done on both knees at the same time, A DECISION I HAVE NOT REGRETTED.

As you told me that a bilateral knee replacement on an 85 years old is not normally done but acceding to my request and as my parameters during the ops were normal you took the plunge. THANK YOU.

The fact that I was able to walk the second day after surgery speaks volumes about your competence and that of your team. Please convey my regards to your entire team. I have full confidence that I will make full use of my legs in future.

Yours Sincerely,
Vice Admiral , M.R. Schunker, PVSM, AVSM
Indian Navy (Retd)


Minimal invasive surgery in Knee replacement, a new beginning!!!

Dr. Ameya VELINGKER, the renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon in Goa, laid a new surgical technique in knee replacement, Minimal invasive surgery in knee replacement.
Two patients underwent this new technique in knee replacement, where in, no major muscles and ligaments where cut, unlike before. This resulted in making the patients walk within 2 hours of the surgery after the spinal anaesthesia effect weaned off.

Mrs. Mohini Palyekar an advanced rheumatoid patient hailing from Mapusa, who had not walking normal for more than 10years due to the rheumatoid deformity of both her knee, could stand and walk pain free within 3hrs of the completion of the surgery. Her muscle power in her Quadriceps was unchanged after surgery. Mrs Mohini could lift her leg straight up, without pain after the spinal anaesthesia effect weaned off.

The second patient Mr. Tulsi Singh, a Central Industrial and security force personal, had undergone a conventional Knee replacement in 2008 and walked home happily in 10 days time. The second knee was operated today (22/10/2009) and patient could walk unaided just after 2 hrs of surgery. The patient can be discharged within 3 days, Dr. Ameya added.

The new approach to knee replacement is called the Sub-Vastus approach, where in the quadriceps muscle in not cut, unlike before. The muscle is just pulled away, the replacement is done. Minimal trauma, minimal blood loss and minimal pain post-operative are the salient features. Patients will now not waste too many days in the hospital and away from home! This approach has a long learning curve, but is worth the results. Many patients scared about post-operative pain, blood loss and inconvenience of long stays in hospital will now have an opportunity to get the advantage of this outstanding results.


A new horizon for advanced osteo-arthritis

Dr. Ameya Velingker, the renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon attached to Apollo Victor Hospitals in Goa, recently had achieved a landmark in knee replacement by making his patient walk in two hours of surgery. The record breaking time is not just first in India, but in the world. This time, a Retired Admiral M.R Schunker, 85 years underwent both knees replacement, in one stage, and could walk in less than 12 hours after knee replacement even at that age.

Three patients in Goa, already had in the past the benefit with this new evolution. Mrs Deborah a U.S citizen could even do a Spanish dance on the third post-operative day; the video of this has received the highest rating on the youtube, The video also received special appraisals from joint replacement surgeons all over the world for the fastest mobilization to that extent. The live narrations and the walk before and after surgery is also available on the youtube.

Dr. Ameya Velingker explained on the occasion, that the traditional knee replacement consisted of cutting the quadriceps (quads) muscle tendon, which is the most important tendon which helps us to extend our knee straight, without buckling down in standing position. This causes a lot of trauma, resulting in a longer and more painful rehab protocol. The replacement surgery was hence becoming lesser popular amongst patients due to the painful and prolonged experience. Quads sparing surgery, also now known as MIS (Minimal invasive Surgery) has been the latest in the knee and hip replacements, avoids the cutting of this quadriceps muscle. There is extremely minimal dissection of the other soft tissues also. This helps faster rehabilitation and lesser pain after surgery. All this together has now made the post-operative period extremely comfortable and will definitely increase the patient’s compliance to replacement surgery. Many patients with advance osteo-arthritis will now dare to come ahead to undergo this procedure with better ease in the post-ope life.

Dr. Ameya Velingker, a pioneer in many advances in joint replacement in the state of Goa in the past, namely The 1st Full Flexion knee (natural knee), five years back.
- The 1st LDH (large diameter hip replacement), four years back
- The 1st Birmingham Surface Hip Replacement, four years back.
- The 1st one stage bilateral knee replacement . two years back.
- The 1st Disc Replacement (Joint Replacement in Spine), a year back, in Goa.
- This year on the eve of world arthritis day, 12th October 2009, Dr. Ameya also released his first Arthritis educational booklet to the public and was made available free at all centres of salcette pharmacy.

The world record breaking post surgical result, of two hours walking after knee replacement , Dr. Ameya Velingker concluded, was a team work of minimal surgical trauma, advanced instrumentations, minimally required anaesthesia, excellent post-operative analgesia and an aggressive and efficient team of physiotherapy.



The free 'Bone & Joint Care, 'camp held in the city of Margao yesterday, at the 'Bone & Joint Care Centre' had an overwhelming response of more than 100 people. The participants at the camp experienced the latest advancement in patient care; before, during & after the joint replacement surgery in the form of booklets & one to one conversation with Dr Ameya Velingker. Many senior citizens of Goa has been imparted with the knowledge of the rate of success of joint replacement & the advantages of it, the cost factor & the care of the artificial joint. Apart from this, minimal invasive techniques in fracture fixation, the advent of scientific basis of yogasana, etc., were also discussed. 

Speaking to , Dr Ameya Velingker on the occasion, he expressed his aims at organizing such a unique camp, where he aimed to consult not only the people in pain, but also to impart education to the rest as to how the care of the joints has to be taken to delay arthritis, advantages of physical therapy in joint care, effect of sports activity on various joints. Apart from this he wants to educate the people in selecting a joint for replacement, from the various hiked and over advertised joints in the market. He also encompass also those patients who are already operated in the past, and to knowledge them, how to protect and prolong the life of there artificial joint. Lastly he wants to involve the youngsters who are involved in sports and body building activities. 

Among the eminent citizens of Margao was the honorable minister Sri Digamber Kamat who honored such a unique, high quality health service centre by a fellow Goan, Dr. Ameya Velingker. He encouraged this young joint replacement surgeon saying that Goa is proud that Dr Ameya Velingker who has started serving the Goans & said that the city of Margao is lucky to have him here & wished that he continues to promote the health services in Goa. He was happy to learn that Dr Ameya Velingker is the first Goan who has acquired an advanced training in joint replacement not only in India but also overseas. He is the only Goan who renders such high-end knowledge & service to Goa. Being the youngest joint replacement surgeon at the age of 30 & to perform such surgeries in joint replacement at a world class quality in the Goa, it makes all Goans proud of him.  

With the launch of the website ',' Dr Velingker has innovated his idea towards spreading joint replacement knowledge not only to his country but also abroad. Looking into the content, Mr Digamber Kamat expressed that the website is patient friendly & quite informative. He expressed his desire to make Goa 'a destination' for medical tourism in the world, in the field of Joint Replacement. 

Amongst the other prominent persons were MLA of fatorda Mr Damu Naik, who also expressed his pride in this young joint replacement surgeon, and his ideas and innovations apart from his surgical skills and success. He also expressed his whole hearted support in Dr Velingkers Bone and Joint Care Centre.  

Amongst the other prominent citizens attending the camp, were the noted businessman Mr Ratnakar Mauzo, Mr. Dinesh Velingker, Mr Ashok Kare & Swami Praladji of Chinmayanand Mission who also blessed the young surgeon on this sacred occasion. The noted health care providers of Madgao city also attended this centre namely, Dr. VV Kamat, Dr.  Vishal Gude, Dr. Umesh Panandiker, Dr. Vinay Saverdeker, Dr. Mrs Amla Kamat, Dr. Amit Kudchadker, Dr. Atul  Maslekar, Dr. A Netalker, Dr. Uday Khanolkar, Dr. V. Molio, Dr. Rajeshwar Naik, Dr. Sujoy Das, Dr. Akbar Noorani, to express their  congrats & best wishes in his new venture in health service at a bigger dimension. 

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