BACK PAIN: Back pian is the commonest orthopaedic problem seen in practice. It has many reasons Spondyosis, "Slip Disc" (Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc), Inflamatory spine disease, infection and tumours are some of the main causes. 90% back p[ain patients can be treated well without operations. Weight reduction, Regular Exercises and Posture improvement form three very important things in management of chronic back pain.

Patient with recurrent and chronic backpain, especially associated with numbness or weekness in legs, must get himself immediately checked by a doctor.

1. Pelvic Tilt: Tighten the muscles of the stomach and hip Straighten the back and press to the floor. Bend the legs at the knees and keep the soles of the feet touching the floor.
2. Active Harmstring stretch: Lift the leg and hold the backside of the thigh and slowly try to straighten the leg without bending at the kee.
3. Single knee to chest stretch: Sleep on the back with legs extended straight. Lift one and bend it and bring near the chest. Hold knee with hands and apply pressure till it is bearable. Return the legs to original position and repeat the process with 0ther leg.
4. Double knee to chest stretch: In sleeping position, bend both knees and pull towards the chest. Try to touch forehead to the knees.

5. Curl-on (Phase 1): Bend the knees and lie down in the lying position. Keep both the hands on the side and try to lift the head and shoulders. Tighten the stomach muscles and touch the knees with straught hands.

6. Trunk stability (bridging): lie down and bend the knees, keep the soles of the feet flat on the ground. Slowly try to lift the body keeping the two hands on the side touching the ground.

7. Trunk stability - hook lying extremity tension: Tighten the stomach muscles and keep the hands straight facing upwards. Slowly, move one hand and touch the ground over the head.

8. Prone on elbows: Lie on the stomach, lift the chest without lifting the hips. Elbows shoulders remain touching the ground.

9. Upper body extension: Sleep on the stomach and keep a pillow underneath. Hold both hands on the back bending the hands at the elbows. Lift the region above the stomach slowly. At the same time, bring the chin near the chest.

10. Trunk stability - Prone straight leg raiisng: Sleep on the stomach and keep a pillow underneath. Keep the leg straight without bending the knee and lift it upwards.

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